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Meraki Events Pune

MERAKI EVENTS is a popular wedding decor service provider in Pune. Their work demonstrates their ability to work with a wide range of decor. Services for both interior and outdoor decor are available. They are based in Pune but provide services all around the country. Because they specialize in destination weddings, they put a lot of effort into ensuring that their clients are completely satisfied. Meraki Events gave me the chance to combine my HR and event management skills. My calm temperament and meticulous attention to detail have served me well as an event planner for more than a decade. When a local wedding planner offered me the chance to work with her, I jumped at the chance. My design-obsessed and detail-oriented mentality convinced me that this was my calling. Events and weddings throughout the world have given me the opportunity to work as a Wedding Planner, Event Manager, and Destination Wedding Planner. In addition, I have worked as a Wedding and Special Event Manager at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. An event planner's distinct perspective comes from working for both clients as well as locations. Every step of the way, I'll be by your side to make sure everything goes according to plan. Having a friend and confidante who is an unbiased person who will be there for you emotionally as you embark on this lovely chapter of your life is a mutual feeling that you will both enjoy.

To Reservation  MERAKI EVENTS, please call 8449395900/8449395901

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