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West Delhi - Madhu Vihar - Delhi Ncr

 Starting Price - 750-2000/-/-
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South Delhi - Greater Kailash I - Delhi Ncr

 Starting Price - 50-2000/-/-
say cheese with memories sector 43 gurugram

Gurgaon - Sector 43 - Gurgaon

 Starting Price -/-
miam patisserie lado sarai delhi

South Delhi - Lado Sarai - Delhi Ncr

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hampers mart rohini delhi

North Delhi - Rohini - Delhi Ncr

 Starting Price - 1000-5000/-

Best Wedding Return Gifts

The task of selecting gifts cannot be postponed, and selecting the appropriate gift for everyone is impossible. Instead, you could simply divide them up according to their ages and select a uniform present for each age group. Imagine that all of your younger cousins can get chocolate boxes that will make them happy, or that your older cousins can get things like good luck charms or things that they can put in their homes just for decoration.

You always have the option of purchasing boxes of sweets as sagan for your in-laws and well-known acquaintances, and you will receive their blessings. The shocking number of chocolates that have been given as wedding return gifts in recent years demonstrates how much everyone loves chocolate.

If you give some thought to the details of your wedding return gift, it should clearly convey your gratitude and appreciation for their presence.

Traditional Wedding Return Gifts

Traditional sweets, shagun envelopes, and religious icons never go out of style. Choose a price range for each return gift, and you'll have a plethora of options, including:

  • Potli bags, Bangles, Kundan Kada, Kumkum, Sindoor box, and Mehndi boxes;
  • Little Ganesha, Laxmi, or any other religious idol;
  • Om or holy cross pendants;
  • Buddha idols;
  • Box of sweets with shagun;
  • Ethnic Diyas with a box of sweets.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Return Gifts

What if you give your guests something that would also make our environment happy? Choose from these suggestions for eco-friendly wedding return gifts and go green: The following are some eco-friendly wedding gifts.

  • Plant saplings
  • Herbal spices and other herbal products
  • Organic honey basket
  • Jute bags and boxes
  • Hand-painted earthen lamps and flower pots

Classic Wedding Return Gifts

Wedding Gifts in Silver and Gold You can never have too much good luck, right? Furthermore, giving guests good luck charms as wedding favors would only increase your popularity. Here are a few concepts:

  • A pair of pish or dolphin tokens, a laughing Buddha icon, and bonsai bamboo plants.
  • Evil-eye pendants, horseshoe pendants, and wall hangings.
  • Little crystal turtle or elephant figurines.


Wedding return gifts are a way of expressing gratitude to guests for their presence and participation in the wedding ceremony. The tradition of giving return gifts dates back to ancient times when it was believed to bring good luck and blessings to newlyweds. In modern times, wedding return gifts have become a way of showing appreciation and love to guests. In this essay, we will explore three different categories of wedding return gifts: traditional, eco-friendly, and classic options.

Traditional wedding return gifts are deeply rooted in cultural and regional customs. These gifts hold great significance in wedding ceremonies as they symbolize the couple's heritage and traditions. In India, for example, it is customary to give gold or silver jewelry as a return gift to guests. Similarly, in Japan, it is customary to give guests a small gift to express gratitude. Popular traditional gift options for weddings include personalized items such as engraved glasses, candles, and keepsakes.

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