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sonu pagdi wala kalyanpur mumbai

Mumbai - kalyanpur - Mumbai

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Indian weddings place a significant emphasis on pagdis, or turbans. Hindus and Sikhs prominently display it as a badge of honor and pride. It is known as the Sehra Bandhi ceremony and is a big part of the wedding. During this ceremony, the groom and their extended families tie pagris to each other's heads. However, the choice of pagri type and design is the primary distinction here. The groom's pagri is frequently distinct from that of the other guests. After the pagri is tied, a special prayer is said to the god.

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We have a list of top Pagadi wale who provide one of the best services for pagri for weddings and have professional experience quickly tying pagris and turbans. Individuals in the group contain specialists who hold the ability in playing out the techniques and ceremonies with complete artfulness.

Qualities of Pagadi wale from

  • Being on time and punctual is one of our main goals. Following the Pujari's advice, the turban-tying ceremony usually takes place at a specific time. At Royal Safa, we place a high value on on-time service and prompt completion.
  • Pagri tying for women Unlike in the past when pagris were only worn by men, today's style is more sophisticated. In addition, women wear pagris in many religions, including the Sikh religion, where the groom's family gives turbans to the groom's family. Additionally, we at Royal Safa house female pagri tiers that tie pagri to women.
  • Tieing of Pagris in a variety of styles Royal Safa has a team of professionals who are experts in the field and are able to test a variety of pagri variations in a variety of materials and patterns. We make fashionable patterns based on what our customers want. In addition, we offer a selection of embellishments and fabrics that are individualized and created in accordance with the most recent fashion and culture.

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