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Marriage Lawns & Farmhouses in Delhi-NCR For Weddings

Are you getting married soon? Is the biggest day of your life just a few months ahead? Are you looking for a Lawn for the wedding in Delhi? If yes, then this blog is for you only; Through this blog, you will come to know about all the exciting ideas and important points that you should keep in mind while planning for your wedding. So let's try to prepare a checklist that will help you with perfect planning for your dream wedding. Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR The first and most important point of your checking should be the venue of your wedding. If the venue is not decided then it becomes quite difficult to plan any other activity. Without a fixed venue, you can't do anything. So you should keep in mind as soon as your wedding date is decided the first thing you need to do is look for an appropriate Lawn and farmhouse in Delhi for your wedding. If you already have some options in mind then also you need to do complete research to shortlist the most appropriate ones. But now the question is how can you begin your search for a venue? Well, here I am sharing some important tips that can help you with the proper selection of the venue for your big day Lawn for the wedding in Delhi.

How much space is needed to accommodate your guests?

Since you are out to select the venue for your wedding, the first thing that you need to keep in your mind is size and it is directly related to how many guests you want to invite to your wedding? If your guest list is short then you can go for a small or medium-size Farmhouse in Delhi but if you have a huge guest list then you need to make arrangements according to that. You also need to check the number of rooms available for your guests and what facilities are available in those rooms Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR

Check for -

  • If the hall is too big and the number of people is less then also it may spoil the overall look and feel of your wedding. The guest feels scattered; they can't find it comfortable to jell up and interact with each other.
  • Since we are talking about space in the wedding venue how can you forget dancing? Yes, it's your wedding; here you should ensure proper space to enjoy the dance as well.
  • Along with that, in your venue, you need to confirm that there should be enough space for the wedding decoration, the Mandap, and the entertainment of guests.
  • You need to ensure that the norms of social distancing and other covid protocols should be followed in the venue. 

What's in the food court?

At present most of the Lawn for a wedding in Delhi offer a combo of the banquet hall, decoration, and catering services. So you don't have to search for the caterers separately; as you can avail yourself of a combo from any reputed wedding venue in your city and get rid of all your tension regarding the wedding preparation. Being typical Indians the food is the most important element to ensure a perfect wedding for all of us Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR.

Check for -

  • So the first thing you need to confirm is whether you want a plated meal or a buffet or you want different variants for the different events like a plated meal for lunch and a buffet for dinner.
  • As far as your budget is concerned a buffet is an economical option which offers more varieties to your guess.
  •  On the other hand in the plated meal guests can sit comfortably at their table and enjoy the food served by waiters.
  • The menu should have all the items as per the choice of bride and groom.

What about styling and decorations?

Since we have discussed the space and the food; the next important aspect for any wedding would be the decoration and the styling of the venue. Here it is important to understand that the decoration should be as per the concept and theme of your wedding. You need to be clear about the kind of decoration you are looking for in the rooms of the bride and groom, in the Mandap, in the reception area, for the sangeet ceremony or other events Lawn for the wedding in Delhi.

Check for -

  • The decoration and your dressing should be in coordination to enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding.
  • Along with decoration, the lighting of your venue should be up to the mark. Here you need to check whether you have sufficient lighting in different places that you will be using as photogenic spots.
  • If the lighting is not appropriate then it will affect the quality of photos and videos of your wedding.
  • You should clearly tell the managers of Lawn for a wedding in Delhi about what kind of flowers you will want for decoration.

How can you forget traveling arrangements?

If your wedding is planned in two different locations or you have chosen a different venue for the reception then you need to plan activities accordingly. Along with that, you need to calculate the distance of your venue from your home and the nearest airport, railway station, and bus stop and make arrangements accordingly. So that your guest wouldn't feel uncomfortable while traveling to the venue Lawn for the wedding in Delhi.

Check for -

  • If your guests are supposed to travel from one place to another place then you should look for appropriate arrangements for the vehicles
  • Now what kind of vehicle you will need is another important point which needs to be discussed.
  • The vehicles should be as per the comfort and number of guests.
  • If you have a big guest list then you should hire a sufficient number of vehicles to avoid any inconvenience in the end moment.

Prepare a proper schedule asap

I know very well that it is hard to decide on a schedule too early because you need to check for a lot of things like Mahurt, availability, and your leaves but still you should finalize the events as early as possible because it will help your guest to do proper planning and arrange their leaves also Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR.

Check for -

  • If you declare your wedding schedule at the end moment then it would become highly inconvenient for your guest as they might not get leaves during that period.
  • If you are confused about the design of your wedding cards then also you can draft a quick message regarding the schedule only to inform all the immediate family members it will help them plan accordingly.

You can't ignore the rules and regulations of the venue

No one wants to compromise on any of the activities on the wedding day. The activities or Rasams that you want to enjoy at your wedding may include Barat, firecrackers, excessive dancing, loud music or it can be alcohol, which can be restricted in some places. For that, you need to check the rules and regulations of lawns and farmhouses in Delhi.  In some venues, alcohol is banned while some places don't allow too much noise of firecrackers, dancing, and Dhol Tasha.

Check for -

  • You need to personally verify the rules of the venue as per the likings of the bride and groom and their immediate family members.
  • If you want a highly extravagant and full Dhamaka Indian wedding and if your venue is too sophisticated to allow that then it would be a big problem.
  •  If your Barati's are fond of alcohol and the alcohol is banned in your value then also it will create a highly uncomfortable situation for both families.
  • In some venues outside DJs are not allowed so you need to look for that too.
  • Hence it is important that you should check the rules and regulations of the menu and plan according to that.

Who will coordinate with you throughout the event?

Since it's a wedding, you can't finalize all the things in one go. Hence you should need a proper point of contact from the venue who can coordinate with you throughout the process. Whenever you go out to search Lawn and farmhouse in Delhi, first make sure who is the contact person? In the beginning, it is important to take the WhatsApp number, mail ID, and other contact options of that person. Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR So that in the future you don't have any inconvenience. You can share the contact details of that person with the bride and groom and the immediate family members of both sides so that they can instruct him accordingly.

Check for -

  • If you coordinate with too many people then it will become troublesome and create confusion only.
  • It is important that you should precisely keep in contact with only one person from the venue. So that things would become a bit easier.
  • Whenever you have a meeting with that person you should note down all the important points that you want to discuss.
  • It will help you to develop a better understanding and flawless execution of your ideas.

Do you have a plan B?

In life, we can't get the chance to make a plan B but for a wedding, you should prepare a plan B in case of any adverse weather conditions. Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR It can be heavy rainfall, heat stroke or any kind of storm, or any other such weather conditions that you cannot avoid so in that scenario you must have a plan B.

Check for -

  • Especially if you are looking for an open venue or a loan for your wedding ceremony then you should have sufficient arrangements as plan B.
  •  It is advisable that you should select such a venue which has an open lawn and closed hall both so that you can easily manage in case of any extreme weather conditions. And generally, you will get both with most of the Farmhouses in Delhi.

 Special tips

  • For the dressing of the bride and groom, you need to be careful and order them very early. At the same time if you are trying to lose or gain weight for your wedding then you should design your dresses accordingly. The dressing and the decoration of the Lawn for the wedding in Delhi should complement each other.
  • You should properly check the fitting of your dress. Because, if the dress of the bride is not appropriate then it will create an awkward situation and you are not able to enjoy the event freely.
  • If you are planning a mega Sangeet event then also you should cross-check the list of all those persons who want to perform at the sangeet. There would be no repetition of songs.
  • You need to ensure proper communication between both families.
  • If you want to involve some of your family members in any mega-event or they have some important part to play during the wedding Rasams then you should inform them earlier so that they can prepare accordingly.
  • How can you forget about jewelry at the wedding? Jewelry is quite an important element of any wedding.  Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR So if you want to purchase heavy jewelry with gold, diamond, silver, or other precious metals then you should schedule your shopping as per the market behavior. When the price of gold, silver, and other metals is at a downside then you can plan your purchasing. So that you can save some crucial pennies and spend on any other activity Lawn for the wedding in Delhi NCR.

Hope all these tips will help you to plan your wedding in a better way. Wedding Lawn & Farmhouse in Delhi NCR And you can enjoy each and every moment of your wedding in a very relaxed and calm manner. Such kind of planning will help you to enjoy the special occasion of your life in Farmhouse in Delhi with great joy. In case you find it very difficult to plan all those things on your own then you can take assistance from a wedding planner as well; as they have expertise in this job and they have too many contacts in the market so that it becomes quite simple for them to arrange everything on time.




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