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Best Small Party Halls in Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most famous spots for picturesque marriages in the entire of North India. Pre-wedding events, wedding receptions, and weddings in the city are popular choices for many couples. In most cases, the guest list for pre-wedding events like an engagement party or mehndi ceremony and post-wedding events like a reception is different from the wedding party. For such occasions, smaller, more intimate guest lists are preferred, which is where Udaipur's small function venues come into play. If you love to book such a small party hall for your function, has listed of party halls which are registered with us and you can book them also from our portal.

What are small party halls?

Small function halls are precisely what they sound like. They are halls that are used for pre-wedding parties with a smaller number of guests than usual. Guests at such events typically range in number from 50 to 250, and they typically include close friends and family. These halls, also known as pre-wedding function halls, are made for small gatherings. Birthday parties, anniversary function, corporate events etc can be arranged in small party halls within a limited budget. So, if you have shortage of budget then small party halls can be the best option to arrange your function.

In small function halls, can we hire an outside caterer?

The majority of the small function halls offer on-site catering, but a few do offer space for rent. In such instances, you can hire a third-party caterer. However, this might not be possible in all halls, so make sure to check their catering policy before making a final reservation.

Do party halls also offer catering for smaller events?

Yes, even though they are smaller, most party halls have the same amenities as banquet halls or other options for venues. For small events, they do offer catering inside the building. You might also be able to hire an outside caterer from some of them. However, if you decide to use an in-house catering service, you should test the food first and make any necessary adjustments to your menu. Capacity: Yes, smaller event spaces are designed for smaller gatherings. However, you should still take into account the hall's capacity and ensure that it does not exceed or exceed your anticipated guest list. Additionally, take into account the venue's capacity for both fixed and floating seating. Services provided: Facilities like a DJ, staging area, and decor are all necessary for various pre-wedding events. Before finalizing your reservation, check to see if your venue has everything you need. Location: You and your guests should not have any problems getting to the small party hall for sangeet or other events.

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