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Top 15 Couple Tattoos To Get
Posted on 30 Oct, 2023 |

15+ Couple Tattoos To Get

In today's society, there are many methods to show your spouse how much you care, like purchasing flowers, going on dates, spending money on vacations, and more. All of these are wonderful options, but having matching relationship tattoos is one of the purest ways to show someone you care.

Because tattoos are permanent, they have great significance for the couples who receive them. Additionally, tattoos serve as ongoing reminders of a couple's union. This site is for you if you're seeking designs to get inked along with your significant other. Here are a few examples of popular couple tattoo designs.

A pair of lions, the lioness

For the courageous and the ferocious, the lion and the lioness. Wild cats represent strength, greatness, and power. Additionally, these tattoos represent the highest level of nobility. And if your cats wear crowns, it denotes that the lioness serves as the queen if the lion is the monarch.

Little Hearts

These simple matching hearts tattoos are the perfect tattoo for you. And if you two are kindhearted lovers, your loved one. Therefore, these hearts stand for genuine love, bravery, and compassion between couples. could therefore be employed to convey our enthusiasm, love, and affection for one another!

Little Hearts

Tattoo of The Wedding Date Couple

Nowadays, a lot of couples want lovely tattoos with their names together or other significant dates. Therefore, if a certain day or date holds special meaning for you. And if you want to permanently remember it, these matching pair tattoos are ideal!

Tattoo of The Wedding Date Couple

Couple Tattoo: "Forever Mine"

You are obtaining text or a tattoo that will always serve as a reminder that your love is greater than life itself. Therefore, it is the ideal approach to express your partner's, unending love. And you may look for a lot more tattoos or words that speak to you or your partner the most.

Couple tattoos with skulls

Some people might find the thought of getting a skull tattoo a little morbid, but what better way to declare, "Till death do us part"? There are several ways you may alter this design to suit your needs. This or a more ornate and passionate gesture could be more to your taste.

Couple tattoos with skulls

Tattoos of an anchor couple

This maritime design's fundamental idea is a safe harbor. The ship lowers anchor and is unable to navigate the choppy waters. They consequently discovered calm seas, and from this point on everything went without a hitch. This and other tattoos on sailors typically represent tranquillity, reliability, hope, and salvation. All of these are characteristics you want to see in a mate!

Tattoo of sun and moon

If you and your lover have diametrically opposed personalities, get this sun and moon tattoo. You are both introverts, with one of you being an extrovert. You show that you complete each other by joining together. Just as the world requires both day and night to thrive, so do you and your partner.

Tattoo of sun and moon

Tattoos of rings

In modern times, individuals also get ring tattoos on their ring fingers to express their love and appreciation for their lovers. Rings have long been a symbol of a couple's union. These days, ring tattoos are fairly fashionable.

Tattoos of rings

Tattoos in two parts

While many of us are aware that matching tattoos exist, half-and-half tattoos have recently grown to be rather fashionable. A half-and-half tattoo is what? A person will have a partial tattoo, and their partner will own the remaining portion to make it whole.

Forever Tattoo

The meaning of an infinity tattoo is eternity, and they are often quite well known. It's a beautiful motif for couples to use to show off their enduring love for one another.

Forever Tattoo


Nowadays, anyone can get a tattoo, even one with a QR code. So it should not be shocking to learn about heartbeat tattoos. It is a deeply spiritual and profound method to express your love for your mate.

The traditional King and Queen

Your significant other is the most important person in your life. Give your body a regal touch, then. These tattoos are a great way to indicate that you two are equals and control each other's hearts in addition to displaying your love for one another.

The traditional King and Queen

Ink with quotes

What happens if you and your spouse both have a favorite book, poet, or writer? Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to get a quotation or a sentence from that piece of art tattooed? You may each get a tattoo of the entire statement or just a portion of it.

Locked up

Only one person will be able to win your heart in love! With a couple's tattoo of a key and lock, you may secure your love for all time. The inner forearm, ankles, and hands are the most frequent locations for lock and key tattoos. The wonderful thing about these designs is that they may be simple, complex, big, or everything in between!

Yin and Yang

The idea of Yin and Yang represents two separate halves that harmoniously come together. Yang is said to represent the male force, whereas Yin is feminine. They form a complete circle when they come together. For couples who may be opposite in many ways yet compliment one another, a yin and yang pair tattoo is ideal.

Have Your Initials Inked

Similar to the charm necklace you've come to anticipate on holidays and anniversaries, this ultra-chic, minimalist tattoo is quite fashionable. However, you two won't ever need to remove this one.

Feather Couple Tattoos that Match

The tranquillity and harmony that presumably permeate your relationship as a whole are reflected in this couple's tattoo. Being with your lover, in all honesty, is what makes you want to float like a feather the most.

Feather Couple Tattoos that Match

Considerations Before Getting A Couples Tattoo

There are several things you should think about before getting matching tattoos with your spouse, especially if they'll double as an original wedding band. While we don't like to think negatively, you should be aware that while there are techniques to remove tattoos, they aren't all that successful, the procedure is costly, uncomfortable, and doesn't totally remove the tattoo.

So, if you do decide to get fresh tattoos to declare your love, bear the following in mind:

  • Make intelligent positioning and design decisions: Choose little detail, clean lines, and straightforward forms. Larger designs or an excess of intricacy might complicate things.
  • Check out the tattoo artist: You need to be really careful about where or who you get a tattoo from since they are delicate. So, to determine whether you like their style, be sure to look over their portfolios and schedule an in-person session.
  • Be ready for a little discomfort: This is one of the least comfortable placements since your hand has so many nerve endings. However, if the design is straightforward, they may frequently be completed in a matter of minutes. However, you will experience some discomfort, so be prepared for it.
  • Make appropriate plans and pay heed to the care instructions: If possible, have your tattoo at least a week before your wedding day. Also, be sure to follow your tattoo artist's aftercare instructions so that everything heals correctly.
  • Pick a motif that has significance for both of you: Your wedding tattoo should represent something you both know and like seeing, and have some type of clear message. Make sure you select something unambiguous.


An excellent method to declare something to be permanent is with a tattoo. Tattoo designs may be customized to reflect your and your partner's style, whether they are straightforward or intricate. Similarly to this, every tattoo has some meaning for the individual who receives it. It might signify "a love" for couples. It's a private matter that only you should share. Or you may make a raucous and public confession of your unwavering devotion. In any case, matching pair tattoos are fantastic. And, well, let's just say that a couple that gets married stays married!


  • What does a tattoo of a couple mean?

When you choose to have a couple's tattoo with your significant other, you know you are really in love. Having your names tattooed together offers you a feeling of boldness, strength, and certainty over the strong relationship you have with this individual. It serves as an ongoing reminder of your affection for one another.

  • What are some couples' matching tattoo ideas?

Quotes, the sun and moon, matching designs, wolves, lock-and-key, Yin-and-Yang, tribal, and other couple-themed tattoos are all acceptable choices.

  • What do tattoos that match mean?

A tremendously meaningful move for a couple is to get matching tattoos. The shared milestones that some couples commemorate with matching tattoos include the number of years they have been together, the children they have had, the persons they have lost, and a variety of other events.

  • What does a three-period tattoo mean?

The three-dot tattoo, which stands for "Mi Vida Loca" or "my wildlife," is a popular inmate tattoo. It is linked to the gang culture in general rather than any specific group.





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