10+ Mocktail Drinks for Wedding Bar in 2024


10+ Mocktail Drinks for Wedding Bar in 2024
Posted on 12 Feb, 2024 |


Drinks and celebrations go hand in hand with weddings. You must make sure that your guests have a range of alternatives when it comes to the drink stations and bars, from a straightforward glass of sharbat during the afternoon Mehendi to something enticing on the Sangeet night. The fact that you don't have to settle on just one specialty drink for the evening is its finest feature. The list we've provided below contains a wonderful variety of flavors, from the unexpected to the traditional.

We've put up 10+ different sorts of Mocktail drinks that you may have at your wedding.

The Breeze of a Watermelon

Offering virgin frozen beverages like Watermelon Breeze is a great idea since not only are they great for youngsters, but they also assist guests to stay cool at outdoor summer weddings. To create, just combine 3 cups of chilled, diced watermelon, 1 cup of coconut water, and 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 1 sprig. of mint, and 1/2 cup ice in a blender.

Iced Tea

Most Indians appear to have a special connection to tea or chai. Serving hot tea in the heat may not be the best option. Iced tea with mint is a better alternative. To offer a delicate taste and serve with flair, garnish with plenty of mint leaves or fresh strawberries.

 iced tea 

Water -Fruit Flavor

Fruit-infused water is an affordable and simple alternative, and we especially like how you can utilize fruit to play with color to make your party even more beautiful. Together, strawberries and mint and blueberries and oranges have a beautiful appearance and flavor. Along with entire blackberries and lemon slices, grapefruit, and lavender, or raspberries and cucumber, we also adore their appearance and flavor.

Brunch Punch with Bananas

This mouthwatering non-alcoholic drink may make anyone's day better with a chilled glass. This drink's main components, a banana, orange juice, and lemonade, give it a tropical flavor. A wonderful and essential alternative for your beverage counterbalance is a banana brunch punch.

Lime Soda Fresh

Even though fresh lime soda is a popular cold beverage, you may serve it uniquely. To enhance taste and make it appear beautiful, add mint leaves and lemon dice. Serve in a bottle with a straw.

         lime soda         

Ginger Pomegranate Mocktail

Request from your caterer a chilled, refreshing pomegranate cocktail with julienned lime and ginger. The mild flavor of ginger and lime combined with fresh pomegranate juice is nothing short of fantastic. You may put a glass dispenser out for the visitors to help themselves or serve it in a tall glass.

Fruit Lassi

Mango lassi / Fruit Lassi is an additional choice that will surely be popular with your visitors. Mango's sweet flavor and lassi's somewhat salty flavor mix create an extraordinary flavor. Add plenty of ice and fresh mint leaves before serving.

           fruit lassi           

Blushing Rose

We're certain you have a thing for flowers if you're planning a romantic, lovely wedding. So celebrate your affection for petals by sipping on the Blushing Rose, a trademark mocktail. We are certain that the combination of pomegranate juice, rose nectar, and lime will be unusual for the visitors. Please take note that rice wine vinegar should be substituted for the sake specified.

Mocktail of Frozen Peach Bellini

If peaches are in season when you are getting married, you shouldn't avoid highlighting them at the reception. Ripe peaches, lime juice, and apple juice are added to this particular recipe to improve it while reducing the sugar calories.

Screaming Slush

Although a little thick, this chilled non-alcoholic beverage is also incredibly colorful and energizing. Because crushed strawberries make the drink thicker, it is typically served in tiny servings to individual customers.

Asian Pear Champagne

With the mouthwatering and alluring seasonal fruit mocktail "Asian Pear Sparkler," you may make your visitors feel unique. It is one of the easiest non-alcoholic cocktails to make without too much difficulty. The finest feature of this non-alcoholic beverage is that each person may customize the sweetness to suit their tastes.


This delicious drink is quick and easy to make and comes in a variety of flavors. This drink is a clear winner in terms of appearance. Include this at your bar counter, and your guests will give you additional credit.

A Tomato-Lime Beverage

Who doesn't enjoy the flavorful, non-spicy virgin versions of non-alcoholic cocktail drinks? This delightful non-alcoholic beverage is simple to create and may liven up your liquor area.

We are confident that your guests are most eager to celebrate you and your union, regardless of the food. So whether you're lifting a glass of anything alcoholic-free or cheering with a drink, it's crucial to keep in mind what we're celebrating: love and aspirations for the future. These are our best delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks that you can get in the liquor area to satisfy the need of nondrinkers for a delicious beverage.


Question 1: What is a Mocktail?

Answer: Mocktails are just cocktails without alcohol; they combine a range of delectable flavors to produce a classy drink without alcohol. Mocktails may be a delight for any social event or night in, whether you drink alcohol or not.

Question 2: Can children consume Mocktails?

Answer: Due to their lack of alcohol, mocktails are excellent substitutes for cocktails, especially for young people. You may enjoy the creatively crafted flavor of mocktails without the negative consequences of alcohol. You've arrived at the correct spot if you're seeking mouthwatering mocktail recipes for kids.

Question 3: How are Mocktails created?

Answer: Bartenders use mixtures of sodas, juices, herbs, and syrups to make mocktails in order to create distinctive flavors. They also employ the same mixology techniques and equipment that they would employ for typically mixed cocktails. The result is a non-alcoholic beverage that ought to be appreciated and enjoyed in the same way as a well-made cocktail.

Question 4: Mocktails are healthy?

Answer: Mocktails can hydrate your body in contrast to alcohol, which is a potent diuretic, particularly if you combine coconut water and sparkling mineral water as the foundation of your mocktail. They are secure. Anyone may drink mocktails because they don't contain alcohol, including youngsters and pregnant people.


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