Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bridal Makeup Artist


Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bridal Makeup Artist
Posted on 12 Feb, 2024 |


A winter wedding is lovely and enjoyable until your skin becomes tight and flaky. Dry-skinned women have a lot to be concerned about, but even oily-skinned women suffer from parched skin that appears dull and rough. When it comes to bridal makeup, keep in mind that a beautifully smooth base will always look fabulous, however, flaky skin will require a lot of TLC to look good and stay that way throughout the day or night as the hour's pass. So we decided to ask some of the industry's most well-known bridal Makeup Artists for their tips on how to deal with flaky skin and keep makeup from looking spotty during a winter wedding. So make some mental notes. Here is what our world-class makeup artists say

Afrah Sadaf

The most important thing is to stay hydrated! To achieve smooth and supple skin, clean the dry areas with a moderate cleanser. Vitamin A and C skin care products have a tendency to make the skin dry. I advise not using them for at least 5 to 10 days before the event to avoid this. Spray on a plumping hydration mist after putting on makeup. To avoid dryness, keep your skin hydrated during the makeup application process. If the skin is indeed very dry, I usually start with a light cleanser and thereafter layer on a thicker, more balmy cream like Embryolisse. especially appropriate for winter weddings. You may also use the gel as a base for eyeshadow to give it a glossy finish appearance. You can also make a creamy blush by blending it along with lip color By Afrah Sadaf.

The Blend Artist Ernakulam

"CTM cleansing, toning, moisturizing  like your life depends on it!" Make sure you have a solid skincare routine in place, including cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. You only need to do it twice a day, once in the morning and once before retiring to sleep, and you're good to go! And When washing your face, use lukewarm water instead of cold water. It aids in the retention of moisture in the skin. If you want to style your hair with waves or curls, shampooed hair can be too slippery, so washing your hair the night before allows you a little more organic grip and hold. The key to awesome bridal makeup is Less Is More: For obvious fewer patches, and useless products. Use a water-based foundation and Instead of using a silicone-based foundation, use a water-based one. It aids in the creation of a lovely dewy finish. Try a slight amount of strobe cream in your foundation By The Blend Artist Ernakulam.

Bindu Saini

Prepping is essential for a perfect and long-lasting makeup application; skin must be thoroughly hydrated and moisturized. My little-known secret During winter weddings, to avoid patchy bridal makeup Apply embryo issue cream all over your face as a mask for 5 minutes, then massage well and allow the skin to absorb the product completely. If the model's skin is really dry, Before applying lipstick, apply a thin layer of moisturizing jelly on your front teeth. This one will ensure that your lipstick does not adhere to your teeth, which is something most of us have probably encountered at some point in our lives. I would consider layering it with a nice serum. That's it, we've got a dewy, plumped-up skin that's ready for the base By Bindu Saini.

Blinks By Deepika Ahuja

To keep your skin soft and supple, apply a moisturizing sheet mask for at least 5 minutes before applying makeup. To balance out the texture of the skin, a moisturizing moisturizer and primer should be used before applying bridal makeup for winter weddings. It's also a good idea to use a wet beauty blender, which absorbs all of the surplus foundations and leaves a thin, light layer on your face. In the winter, avoid using translucent dry powder on dry skin since it may cause the makeup to dry out and become uneven By  Deepika Ahuja.

Blush On Makeup Studio South Delhi NCR

We all desire perfect skin for the forthcoming winter wedding season, makeup artists tend to Use creamy formulas and fix them with a great hydrating setting spray instead of a cosmetic fixer, which contains alcohol and tends to dry down the layers even more. but we forget that no matter how wonderful your foundation brand or lip shade is, the foundation of everything should be solid. To get that flawless base and avoid patchy bridal makeup in winter, Apply a small amount of gel below your blush to impart a dewy glow if you're doing your own makeup for a wedding or a smaller event.  one must properly prepare the skin by using the appropriate moisturizer and primer. Once you've completed the first step, the second most critical step is to choose the appropriate foundation shade By Blush On Makeup Studio.


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