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The Tamarind Tree Bengaluru

There is a high-quality tapestry being woven in the Tamarind Tree from the old, the modern, and something mystical. Cobblestone pathways help you navigate the traditional courtyards, which are connected by old doors. The delicate Bandstand contrasts with the fragrant Frangipani. Gorgeous vistas and elegant pavilions. The Tamarind Tree's allure is undeniable. In the middle of a 5-acre wooded area, The Tamarind Tree features a rare tamarind tree, a pond, a colonial Bandstand, elegant pavilions, and plenty of open space. Open spaces, lush green grass, and tucked-away spots for private chats abound in this elegant space, which features everything from green aisles to granite altars and a variety of other architectural flourishes. With two large kitchens, a Sheesh Mahal bar, and ample food counter space, it is possible to feed up to a thousand people. As many as 30 people can be accommodated in our magnificent villa and suites. At The Tamarind Tree, the villas are surrounded by a tropical garden and have expensive bedrooms with open-to-the-sky bathrooms and verandahs, outside sitting and a lotus pond courtyard as well as large water urns and a completely unique collection of art, vintage furniture, and collectibles. Despite its age, the Tamarind Tree has evolved over the years. At one time it was a private residence, at another time a restaurant, at times a weekend escape, and at present, it is a luxurious setting for events, corporate outings, and family vacations. A modest, but lovely, venue in Bangalore may be found here. Our memories of The Tamarind Tree are of a pleasant, family-run business and one of India's best-kept secrets. When it comes to your birthday celebration, The Tamarind Tree in the city inspires creativity with its rich greenery and urban location. The property's down-to-earth character is reflected in its architecture, and it is conveniently located within a half-hour of a subject in South Bangalore.


The pond:

A natural pond can be found beneath the tamarind tree, the heart, and soul of the location. A set of ancient temple steps surrounds the area, and a wary Basava keeps watch.

The Bandstand:

There is no better place to exchange vows than the Colonial Bandstand. Mandapa is flanked by pillars from a bygone era of Indian history.

The Suits:

Bride & Groom Suites offer couples a place to relax and recharge in the midst of their big day.

The Villa:

There are four sumptuous vintage apartments, a lotus pond verandah, and an impressive collection of artifacts in this spacious villa.


An enclosed private room, the Rangastala or the Vishnu Mantapa, can be used for smaller group gatherings This sanctuary, which is centered on a Vishnu sculpture, exudes the beauty of unadulterated joy.


A place that takes you back to your childhood, when you used to run around the courtyards of your ancestral home with your friends. A meticulously designed mandap with four pillars represents the four most fundamental components of human life, namely Dharma; Artha; Kama; and Moksha, which the newlyweds vow to uphold in their new life as husband and wife 3 - Star Hotels.

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To Reservation THE TAMARIND TREE please call 8449395900 / 8449395901

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