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Toll price
2200 Per Plate
Veg Price
2500 Per Plate
Non Veg Price



500 Seating | 1000 Floating
Banquet Hall


500 Seating | 1000 Floating

Exist with BBB
Establish of Venue
Number of Rooms
Area Liking
Banquet Hall, Lawn
Catering Policy
In House
Decor Policy
In House
Decor Price
Outside Alcohol
In House
Valet Parking
Parking Capacity
Smoking Area
Air Condition
Online / Offline
DJ Policy
Outsider Vendor Allowed

The Riviera By FNP Venues

Welcome to the realm of The Riviera By FNP Venues! A place where luxurious beauty and captivating elegance converge to create an ideal backdrop for a matchless wedding celebration. Set in Gurgaon Haryana, it has created a name of its own in the wedding industry due to its unmatched experience, expertise, authority and trust.

The Riviera By FNP Venues Experience

The Riviera By FNP Venues offers a diversified canvas that captures and reflects the essence of a grand Indian wedding. The venue is a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, an amalgamation that adds an extra touch of charm. With a spacious 25k sq. feet area, this place is fit to host weddings meant to be remembered. And the professional team here, are they not the cherry on top?

Offering the Unsurpassable Expertise

In the realm of event management, expertise is a key ingredient. In The Riviera By FNP Venues, you find this expert touch at every corner. This team takes on the challenge of perfecting the most important day of your life with finesse. From layout planning to splendid decorations, they've got everything down to a T. Isn't it comforting to know that your wedding endeavor is in the hands of bona fide experts?

Authority and Trust: The Hallmark of The Riviera By FNP Venues

Speaking of authority, The Riviera By FNP Venues is a name synonymous with trust and dependability. With years of experience in their pocket, they hold the confidence of countless satisfied clients. They don't just host weddings; they shape and guide your wedding journey, making your special day a seamless work of art.

Why Choose The Riviera By FNP Venues?

Don't we all want our wedding day to be a spectacle of beauty and love? The Riviera By FNP Venues not only provides the perfect setting for your dream wedding but also ensures a comprehensive wedding package. From stunning decorations to excellent hospitality, they leave no stone unturned.

  • Luxury space
  • Expert planning
  • Trust

Don't these make The Riviera By FNP Venues your ideal wedding partner?

In conclusion, The Riviera By FNP Venues in Gurgaon Haryana is the perfect choice for those who wish to make their wedding day the epitome of splendor and joy. With their experience, expertise, authority, and trust, they turn your wedding dreams into a reality that's nothing short of magical.

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