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800 Per Plate
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1000 Per Plate
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150 Seating | 200 Floating
Banquet Hall

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Banquet Hall
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Mughal Banquet Hall

The Mughal Banquet in Delhi NCR is a stunningly extravagant location. Your upcoming event would be ideal if it were held in a large indoor and outdoor space with multiple seating options. It has a space inside and outside that is ideal for hosting elegant events. They will assist you in organizing your events and completing all of your tasks because they have a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the business after planning a variety of events for a number of years. For a graceful outdoor event, their venue is the best choice. Liquor isn't allowed. The decor for the outside is acceptable.

Space available- Plenty of room for all of your events is available, which also creates a pleasant atmosphere for your family and guests. Numerous events have been organized by Mughal Banquet; the work that they do justifies itself with real evidence. The space provided by the venue is ample enough for your guests to easily spread out. They provide A meal lobby with 150 seating and 250 drifting visitors which is ideal for an extraordinary wedding sangeet.

Facilities Offered - They provide in-house catering so you can feel like you're at home and customize your meal to your liking. The staff at Mughal Banquet is well-known for providing excellent services and working tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of events. The Scene is perhaps of the most significant choice in the process since it assumes an essential part in how the occasion will go. You can choose from a variety of services offered by them. The substance of the pleasure rotates around music at a wedding night for all to appreciate. People down there have a responsibility to make your life easier during weddings and other events so that you can enjoy them. When planning a big event like a wedding, there are a lot of big things to think about. Everything you plan is protected by this decision, so it's important to make the right one. As a result of their extensive experience in the industry, Mughal Banquet offers all of the necessary amenities and skilled staff.

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