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Toll price
500 Per Plate
Veg Price
700 Per Plate
Non Veg Price



1000 Seating | 1500 Floating

Exist with BBB
3 Years
Establish of Venue
Number of Rooms
Area Liking
Lawn, Rooms
Catering Policy
In House
Decor Policy
In House
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Outside Alcohol
Permitted With License
Valet Parking
Parking Capacity
Smoking Area
Air Condition
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In House


Siliguri's Miramar Resort is a well-liked venue for holding formal gatherings. The architecture and interior decor of the building may catch your attention because of the mood they create. It is a stunning venue, so I strongly advise having your wedding there. The backdrop of Miramar Resort is definitely lovely, and you'll love the architecture and design of the structure as well. At the Miramar Resort, every accommodation is ultra-modern and has a classy minimalist design. They have put together a team of dedicated, motivated, and conscientious workers. These people go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their clients. Going there will allow you to do all of your wedding customs for your loved ones in the most sympathetic manner conceivable. The place is rumoured to include an outside area. The Miramar Resort will make sure that your big day is nothing short of amazing and can accommodate weddings with up to 1500 guests. Additionally, they provide striking characteristics that enhance the lawn's beauty in advance of your numerous parties. A wedding ceremony can be held in a stunning and sophisticated setting at the Miramar Resort. At the Miramar Resort, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine options are available to wedding guests.

There's a good chance that the atmosphere set by the building's architecture and interior design will stand out to you. Because it is such a stunning location, I strongly suggest that you hold your wedding there. The setting of the Miramar Resort is undeniably appealing, and the building's architecture and design are certain to captivate you. The Miramar Resort's rooms are all very modern and have a tasteful, minimalist design. They've gathered a team of committed, empowered, and industrious laborers. These people really go above and beyond to satisfy their clients' needs.

Assuming you go to the area, which is said to have an external region, you'll have the option to do all of your wedding customs for your friends and family in the most merciful manner possible. The Miramar Resort is capable of hosting weddings for up to 1500 guests and will make certain that your special day is nothing short of spectacular. In addition, they provide striking accents that enhance the lawn's beauty in preparation for your numerous events. A wedding ceremony can be held in a stunning and sophisticated setting at the Miramar Resort. At the Miramar Resort, wedding guests can select from a variety of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu options.

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