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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Invitation Cards
Posted on 30 Oct, 2023 |

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Invitation Cards

Many couples are choosing to send out wedding invitations without using paper, even though traditional printed invites have their unique appearance and feel and make wonderful keepsakes for the wedding guests. Because e-invitations are convenient, fast, and reasonably priced. Additionally, they are equally fashionable as their printed counterparts. You may use whatever decorative features you choose in your e-invitation card design, including calligraphic typefaces, amusing caricatures, minimalist strokes, and other flourishes.

You may always pay a wedding invitation designer to create an e-invite just for you in line with your wedding style, but you can also create one yourself. E-invitations are the greatest choice for couples who want to have a low-cost wedding as well. However, let's offer you just the proper amount of inspiration before you put your creative side on the table! We've compiled some of the most fashionable e-invitation card layouts we've recently seen!

Factors Driving the Trend Toward Digital Wedding Invitations


The sharing of an internet wedding invitation is really simple. Most platforms come with built-in, simple sharing features that let you send the wedding invitation via WhatsApp, email, and other social media. Alternatively, you may share the invitation with your guest list by downloading it as a jpg or GIF. Comparatively speaking, the procedure of labeling and shipping paper invitations is a big time and money drain. Therefore, digital invites are useful since you can create a list and send it to everyone with only one click.


Online digital wedding cards are incredibly environmentally friendly since they are delivered digitally rather than on paper, which all contribute to protecting the earth. Consider the hundreds of paper invites that are often sent out for a large Indian wedding. By not throwing away all of those cards, you not only decrease your carbon footprint but also set an example for other families to follow.


We are all experiencing a pandemic that affects the entire world, therefore we need to take preventative steps to deal with it in our day-to-day lives. The digital invitation aids in achieving that goal since it is very simple to send and recipients may RSVP even more rapidly. This makes it quicker, simpler, and safer in Today's world for family members and close friends to attend events.

For Your Wedding, Awesome Digital Invitation Ideas

1. Elegant Design

Conventional wedding cards have surely become a wonderful experience thanks to paperless mailing. The wedding invitation phrase is enclosed in a border of foliage and flowers on digital invitation cards, which also have a sophisticated design. The ideal pattern for a memorable encounter is floral impressions on soft hues.

2. Cartoon Animation

If you still want to do something new, you may get a digital invitation card with an animated caricature of you and your life partner on it. This will highlight your and your spouse's individuality. Here are some lovely examples of digital invitations.

3. Conventional Style

Spiritual symbols such as God Ganpati, More Pankh, conch, the OM symbol, and Swastik are included in traditional design. These Indian religious symbols have spiritual importance in addition to improving the design's visual appeal. Depending on the religion and culture, these symbols might differ, but they all appear too elegant and exude a sense of belonging.

4. GIF designs

The E-Wedding invitations seem unique and spectacular thanks to the growing popularity of GIF designs. Graphical components and lovely illustrations of the full wedding celebration are included in GIF designs in an ordered manner. Every artwork has a text message to help convey the concept. The digital GIF wedding invitation will provide you with a variety of alternatives.\

5. Illustrations That Move

The visitors are positively affected by the bride, groom, and all of the family members' lovely movements. The wedding date announcement involves the entire family. This is a brand-new and creative method to announce your wedding.

6. Floral Pattern

The effect of floral arrangements on contemporary and digital invites is unmatched. You may also choose a template that shows flowers falling from the sky, like in animated GIFs. Floral patterns are beautiful and in style.

7. Cinematic Styles

Select one of these comedic designs to demonstrate your sense of humor. Both the bride and the husband are heroes in this story. These are some unique and fashionable designs. For a vintage look, use a black-and-white tone with an 80s movie poster.

8. Utilize The Engagement Session

The most realistic and lovely E-wedding card may be made from the greatest pre-wedding photo. By using several digital effects, you may send wedding invitation texts with your favorite image from the engagement picture shoot. Modern couples like the digital format of this invitation.

9. Telling Your Tale

The ideal approach to telling others about your relationship, from the first date to the wedding location, is this way. Everyone will inevitably want to share in your unwavering devotion. Your wedding invitation is shown with lovely language and pertinent photographs.

Online invitation designs that eliminate the hassle of sending physical RSVP cards will make wedding preparation easier. Find the ideal invitation to represent your love by perusing further invites. You may utilize evites and eye-catching stationery to invite people to your engagement party, bachelorette party, or bachelor party, as well as your rehearsal dinner. For all of life's significant events, including wedding showers and baby showers, you may utilize digital invites. Whatever the event, digital invites simplify life without compromising elegance and fine design. They certainly were some quite remarkable concepts. Let me also reiterate that there is no upper limit to this. So use your imagination to create a fantastic digital wedding invitation.


What should you include in your online invitation?

Include all relevant details about the events, including the venue, RSVP procedures, start and end times, and dress code. Don't mention more than one function in the invitation unless it's a multi-page one.

What is the price of a digital invitation?

The typical price of digital wedding invites will not exceed $100.

How do I select the style and color?

Consider the typeface while choosing the layout and color. Because the content has to be the center of attention, use a color that contrasts well with the text and makes it easy to read. Avoid using an overly crowded layout. Additionally, while selecting the color and style of the invitation, be sure that it complements the entire wedding concept.

When should you invite people?

Send out your invitation at least four to six weeks before the wedding, and if it's a destination wedding, 12 weeks beforehand. Sending an online wedding invitation as the only form of wedding invitation to your guests is not a good idea if you want a large number of people to attend. This is especially true.


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