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Do You Love Destination Wedding
Posted on 30 Oct, 2023 |

Do you Love Destination Wedding? 

Engagement brings a great deal of joy and happiness. In addition, it brings with it the stress of wedding preparations, which include an endless list of questions like "Where will the wedding be planned?" Which location is hot right now? whether they could afford it. How much time should the guest list last? Which event-specific menu should be finalized? We've put together a list of things to think about before planning a destination wedding to make your job easier. Keep reading because, as we all know, a wedding is a significant occasion in Indian culture. Additionally, planning a destination wedding is the most challenging aspect. People will be irritated if they are unable to find the ideal location for a wedding that is bothcost-effective, spacious, and full of amenities. Other factors to consider include the availability of parking areas, the names of the vendors, and so on. We have curated the content of this blog with a destination wedding checklist. Before the wedding, this list includes everything you need to check, from booking the location to making sure there are amenities. It may taint the entire wedding if the wrong venue is booked. Staying at the right location may result in numerous evaluations from all attendees. Here is where the list begins:

  1. Prepare the guest list-

The guest list comes first on the checklist for a destination wedding, and everything depends on your guest list. Preparing a guest list is a good idea before booking a destination wedding venue so you can choose a place with enough room for everyone. It's also a must-do job because not every destination wedding venue can handle a lot of people and a lot of people at once. As a result, preparing a guest list in advance becomes crucial. It might provide you with a clear idea of the number of people who will attend the event. Additionally, it will assist you in listing the food items.

  1. Prepare the Estimated Budget- Your budget is the second most important item on the list because everything depends on it. Whether or not you can afford a costly destination wedding location. Will you be able to afford one or not? Check to see that the location you choose for your Destination Wedding Checklist is within your financial means. Everything will be managed by your budget alone, including the number of guests, logistics costs, extraordinary accommodation arrangements for your special guests, and so on.

We understand that the expense list might surprise you, but it's always a good idea to plan ahead so you don't have to worry about being mortified. However, due to the fact that marriage expenses in India are unrestricted, it is best not to exceed your budget. All you need to do is maintain your status.

  1. Confirm the date and Venue- If you're planning a destination wedding, the next step is to confirm the date and confirm the venue's availability so you can pay the owner a booking advance to avoid last-minute stress. You must confirm your wedding date three to four months in advance in order to secure a suitable location during the wedding season, as most venues are already booked. Adjust your budget and guest list if you are unable to find a suitable location. Because it is pandemic season, you can limit the number of people in your area.
  1. Make sure about the vendors: Some venues only let you hire their vendors, but many others let you choose who you want to work with. Catering services, event management services, bar management, and decoration services are all included in this category. You can choose between the two and decide which one is best for your needs. A first-class destination wedding can only be planned with everyone's cooperation; the venue is not the only important aspect of a wedding. If you've settled on a destination and haven't stopped thinking about it, it makes sense to negotiate the preferences of both parties before finalizing their vendors.
  1. Check forServices and Amenities After settling on all of the points that were discussed, you should check to see if the destination wedding venue offers any services or amenities. Whether they supply you with AC halls or not Are there catering services available on-site? Are the opulent rooms intended specifically for the bride and groom? Also, amenities like pick-up and drop-off services, guest security, a crew to set up the music system, etc. must be verified. Before paying the party for the reservation, you need to check everything. Also, make sure that every member of staff behaves generously and courteously toward your guests. 
  1. Examine the Ambiance of the venue- Ambiance Examine the space's pre-offered decor, capacity areas, infrastructure, etc. Does the building have fine interiors and solid construction, a pleasant atmosphere, all the necessary amenities, etc.? To create the ideal atmosphere, lighting arrangements must be appropriate, calming, and tailored to the event's requirements.
  1. Checklist for Destination Wedding Entertainment Arrangements We all know that a wedding is all about having fun—singing, dancing on the floor, playing games, etc.—and guests must be looking for a reason to get high and dance. Find out if the venue will provide a DJ for your wedding night and sangeet ceremony. If you're throwing a cocktail party there, check to see if they have a liquor license. Do they include information about alcohol and other arrangements for your cocktail party in their checklist?
  1. Be ready withBack-up plans in case the weather suddenly changes If you've chosen an open location for your wedding, make sure the venue also has covered areas that can hold at least 500 people. Or do they have any other plans for this as a back-up? Your marriage arrangements may experience difficulties as a result of weather-related events like heavy rain, a rainstorm, or anything else. There ought to always be a spot ready for such unforeseen events.

So, this was the list of check list for a happy and well managed destination wedding. If you love this post please like, follow and comment.

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