Top 10 Traditional Desserts for Weddings in 2022
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Top 10 Traditional Desserts for Weddings in 2022

A wedding dessert bar is a simple way to wow your guests with delicious treats, whether it's a doughnut tower or Jalebi with rabri. Well, the custom of cutting the cake at weddings has been replaced for the better by dessert tables that are overflowing. The exquisitely styled dessert bars are growing larger than ever, and we can't help but drool in utter admiration.

To celebrate life's sweetest moments, sweetness is thought to be necessary. Indians are often considered to have a sweet taste, therefore we can't help but indulge in our vices.

We have you covered if you're seeking for some delicious wedding cake substitutes to make your wedding special.

Take a look at these suggestions for your wedding's dessert bar.

Halwa Gajar

A dessert produced in the tradition of Pakistan, gajar ka halwa is made with grated carrots, condensed milk, almonds, and golden varq. A heated Gajar ka halwa seems to be the highlight of the evening during winter weddings, so this delicious mithai treat is especially appropriate.


Stuffed Gula Jamun

In an Indian wedding, the soft dough balls dipped in sweet syrup are the ultimate definition of a delicious dessert. Even the health-conscious members of your wedding party won't be able to help but indulge in one gulab jamun.

gulab jamun

Kesar Rabri

A traditional North Indian dessert made with milk is called Kesar rabri. After being reduced and cooked to a thick, creamy consistency, whole milk is then sweetened with sugar. Then, Kesar (saffron) and elaichi are used to flavor this decadent and creamy dessert. The dry fruit chips give crunch, and the kesar enhances the flavor of rabdi.

Kesar Rabdi

Praline Pistachio Parfait

This dish must be on your menu since it will offer your dessert menu a unique flavor. In this innovative, cooling treat, raspberries, and pistachio make a fantastic flavor combination.
Praline Pistachio Parfait

Chocolate Pudding

Desserts including chocolate can never go wrong. Chocolate pudding cakes are difficult to refuse because they have two delectable layers: a velvety chocolate cake and a rich chocolate pudding sauce. It's gooey, creamy, and chock full of chocolate. When this delightful and fulfilling dish is served fresh from the oven with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, it tastes just divine. This sweet dish is also known as a chocolate brownie pudding cake or a hot chocolate fudge cake.
Chocolate Pudding

Kaju Katli

One variation of barfi is Kaju katli. Not just any dessert, Kaju katli is a symbol of life. Only those who adore Kaju katli can truly appreciate how exquisite it tastes. The most delectable sweet option is unquestionably Kaju katli, but it is also the most expensive. When serving heavier sweets at your wedding, Kaju katli goes well with Kheer or halwa.

kaju katli


The icy dessert known as kulfi is said to soften hearts. The unusual texture and creamy flavor make many wedding guests feel the frozen sin melting in their lips. Mango or any other fruity flavor can also be added to it to taste and enjoy.



The most well-liked Indian dessert offered at weddings is Jalebi. There is no ideal time to consume jalebi; you may eat it all day long, from breakfast to supper. It is a terrific choice for a crowded wedding reception and may be served hot or at room temperature. A deep-fried treat called jalebi is covered with sugar syrup. For those who love sweets, jalebi is the definition of heaven since it is not only tasty on the surface but also internally packed with syrup.



At an Indian wedding, shakkarpara, also known as shankarpali, is the ideal appetizer. In Western India, particularly in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, shakkarpara is a well-liked snack. It is customarily consumed as a treat on Diwali. Shakkarpara is a great snack and a great source of energy because it is high in carbs. Depending on your preference, it can be either sweet, sour, or spicy. The ideal snack to sate your sweet taste and stave off hunger.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda, sometimes referred to as Double ka meetha, is a well-known Hyderabadi bread prepared from fried bread pieces that have been soaked in hot milk flavored with spices like saffron and cardamom. It is offered at celebrations like weddings. Shahi tukda is a wonderful method to give your wedding a feeling of royalty.

These are the top 10 Indian wedding desserts that you should think about including on your menu. Simply said, these treats will make the wedding more enjoyable. Your guests will certainly adore these delectable treats during your wedding. These classic dishes with a contemporary twist are exquisite and ideal for serving at your wedding. Save these delectable dessert recipes so you can wow your wedding guests with an incredible feast.
shahi tukda


Question 1: What sweet is India's most popular dish?

Answer: Kheer is referred to be the traditional Indian pudding. Rice, milk, and sugar are all combined in a pot and brought to a boil. You may also include raisins, saffron, pistachios, cashews, coconut, almonds, and other ingredients. In different parts of the country, kheer has distinct names and components.

Question 2: What is the supreme sweet of India?

Answer: The 'gulab jamun,' the king of all Indian sweets, is one delicacy that is India-wide and has no geographical boundaries in terms of taste, color, form, or variation. Gulab jamun is a sweet dessert made of spongy milk balls that have been dipped in syrup with a rose flavor.

Question 3: What is the national dessert of India?

Answer: Jalebis are the national sweet of India, and you can get them in every region of the country. The jalebis have a delicious flavor, and you'll want to buy them for other reasons as well.

Question 4: Which dessert pairs well with biryani?

Answer: The ideal dessert to give following a lavish lunch of Hyderabadi Biryani is Khubani ka Meetha. It is a traditional Hyderabadi dish prepared from custard and apricots.


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